Tourism Industry, I am coming to America to see what the fuss is about

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    Never been to United States NO LIE

    I am about to spend 40-45 k USD in various major US cities like New York and others.

    I visited every European country and I've been to Australia Canada even Libya during good old days of Gaddafi. But I have never taken the time to visit United States of America

    I want to come and see what the fuss is about :D,
    The real reason I am coming to US, is to see it, while it is still there :cool:

    During few minutes it took to write this post. U.S. debt went up by few million, social security is a ponzi scheme they admit has an end, both political parties increase borrowing, the only difference is rate of accumulation, the culture is a sham, diluted by globalism and effect of melting pot.

    And so although I am about to import and spend 45k, I really don't see how you guys are gonna swim out of this one.

    Lets face it

    You won't

  2. RoninW


    I was gonna write doesn't anyone have anything to say but then I thought, well what can be said anyway.

    It's not like people can fix this by voting and that's the only legal tool people have.
  3. You live in Vancouver and have never been to the US?? Bullshit!