tough trading week of 09/11/06

Discussion in 'Trading' started by chiguy, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. am i just trading the wrong stuff or has this week been a little tough...

    i have made more costly mistakes this week than i can remember ever having in one week....

    just wondering...
  2. trader3


    For trading equities, I think this has been the best week since prior to June 20th. Each day of this week seemed better to me than almost any day of the summer.
  3. No problems here, just got to get on that bull's back and hold on.

    First you have to acknowledge there's a bull to ride, I suppose.
  4. decent week here but still seemed pretty treacherous (took a couple huge hits on some financials earlier this week, guess which ones.)

    seems like this is usually the case on volatility, low volume weeks. Low volume at least relative to the action we got the energies/metals/financials.
  5. I feel like I am always taking the don't-pass bet at craps. I had one of my best weeks running, but it's the result of stat-vol < implied vol.
  6. We are trading near the all time highs in the Dow. This is a bit unusual and bound to cause some confusion, imho.
  7. Arnie


    Same here. Kept zigging when I shoulda zagged. :D
  8. I thought it was a great week. Lots of good intraday trends, except for one dead sideways day.
  9. lwlee


    For the index futures, it was CHOP ZONE. One thing I learned, stay away from the chop.
  10. had a good week here

    2 trades only in stocks for the whole week

    none in futures, futures were working well only on tuesday I think, but I Was already invested in stocks so didn't bother.
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