Tough Trading Today

Discussion in 'Trading' started by flipflopper, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. Anyone else having trouble. I really hate bear markets... so many headfakes, lies, deception.

    Chopping me up today.

    Hope others are having an easier time!!

    Can't wait for more bullshit news release to ruin more good setups!!
  2. A couple of situations I had setting up nicely were ruined by the news as well. Sucks but what can you do :)

  3. Aisone


    I'm a big fan of this volatility. I'm not raking it in but have had a lot of doable things in small caps. Problem is when it calms down with less jerks, you'll be doing awesome, while I'll be sucking wind. :D
  4. TYtrader


    I try to avoid choppy markets, as I have been chopped up more than once. When it happens, I stop and paper trade until my approach is working again. I feel your pain.
  5. Bear market has ended 2.5 months ago.
  6. This is the type of market I live for. The problem here is that you really have to have tape reading skills. You have to be able to know what's moving the markets and when the buy programs will come in to support certain positions. Hint, today C was being propped up at 21. Anything below that and you saw massive buy programs come into the market. Then if you realize that the fed is handing out 50 billion tomorrow Thursday through the lending facility you will see that the buy programs had a good cushion going into tomorrow. It could be PPT, it could be billionaires, I don't care, I just knew the buy programs were going to defend the tape today.
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    Hi RiceRocket,

    Do you now the behaviors of buy programs by watching the DOM? Volume or by some other indicator?

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    Agree, good riddance to that 16-17 vix crap. Glad to have some volatility back.

  9. Hope this helps.

  10. its just getting started.
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