Tough times for scalpers?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Marc to Market, Oct 23, 2002.

  1. First it was PALM that did a reverse split and now my beloved ERICY has followed that trend! There's really nothing good out there to scalp anymore that's under a buck.

    Boy do I miss the days of Worldcom!

  2. m22au


    Were you making one or two cents on PALM / ERICY? Or holding for more?

    Are you getting rebates for adding liquidity?
  3. yes i think it is a difficult trading environment. i used to be able to make $10k/day and this month i could barely do $5k/day
  4. Dare to ask how much capital do you have?
  5. I'd guess 100k for such a modest performance.
  6. dottom


    Probably a lot less than his ego. But he might have a lot of that too... :D
  7. Imagination = 100 * Ego
  8. $ 8,000,000
  9. but every cloud has a silver lining: think how much more the stocks that reverse split can go down!
  10. You trade with $8,000,000?
    I have a question.
    How do you deal with the threshold? I mean, you can't trade $8M at once, you would move the market, and get whipsawed. So I'm assuming you are trading with a percentage of that or maybe you are trading various instruments/stocks at the same time (so much for multi tasking :)
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