Tough Conditions (or not?)

Discussion in 'Trading' started by candletrader, May 11, 2002.

  1. This is a poll for people who have been trading since at least 1999 i.e. those who were part of the bubble...

    Personally, I have found trading to be much less profitable these days than for a long while...
  2. lemme guess, with all these polls, you are trying to set yourself up with a career at AC Nielsen?
  3. Sure, trading is a little more difficult now. I find that I'm taking profits much earlier than before...nowdays, I'll take 15 cents and thankfully get out.

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    LOL. :D Hmmm, where is Katrina Johns now that we need her/him to distract Candle from these monotonous, endless polls....
  5. just another day with a different game ...
  6. In the grand scheme of things, the conditions present in the stock market from late 1998- early 2000 are short lived / few and far between.

    If your definition of a tradable market = last stage of raging bull when monkeys w/ dart boards are cleaning up, then I hope you've made and saved enough to cover the next ten or twenty years....:(
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    so I will look like a trading genious again!



  8. Ummm, actually the reverse is true. When things get ridiculously out of hand, dumb looks smart and smart looks dumb- but only for a while.

    Remember all those cabdrivers and convenience store owners who got 10X leverage after pyramiding their gains in CMGI and JDSU and YHOO and had 2,000 percent returns?

    How smart do they look now?

    And remember how so many grizzled veteran traders got laughed at during the big bull run, how their lower leverage, lower percentage returns were deemed "pathetic" because they didn't have the stones to mortage the ranch?

    How dumb do they look now?

    p.s. but its possible that I am missing your point if you are voluntarily placing yourself in the dumb group....:D