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    Turbo Trader 2

    <span style="float: right;">[​IMG]</span>Turbo Trader 2 was designed specifically to serve our large retail client base with a keen interest in the global electronic markets, while at the same time giving an innovative, edgy new face to electronic trading technology. Based on extensive input from current traders, brokers and technologists, we are now offering the next generation of the platform - Turbo Trader 2.

    Click here to request a FREE 14-day live simulated trading account on the Turbo Trader 2 platform.

    Key Features of the Turbo Trader 2 Platform

    * Trailing stops and bracket orders

    * One-click executionRequest a FREE Demo

    * Total Volume by Price

    * Easy view of market depth

    * Multiple windows to facilitate multi-market tradingOpen a LIVE trading account!

    * Simple drag and drop features to access the contracts you need

    * Save, export, import, load and delete your customized platform layouts

    * <span style="float: right;">[​IMG]</span>Data history viewing up to one month

    * Automatic updates upon login - no need to perform manual updates

    * Around-the-clock technical support to our clients

    * <span style="float: right;">[​IMG]</span>The "thermometer" allows you to quickly gauge how the market has moved

    Click here for the Turbo Trader 2 Tutorial Videos.

    Minimum Requirements

    Operating System: Windows XP / Windows Vista

    Processor: Latest Processor

    Physical RAM: 1GB of RAM or better for Windows XP users (1GB is recommended); 3GB of RAM or better for Windows Vista users (4GB is recommended)

    Windows 64bit is NOW compatible with the Turbo Trader 2 platform!

    To learn more about this platform contact me directly or click here to visit our website.

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