Total of how many regietered CTA?

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    Does any one have any idea about how many registered CTA with CFTC/NFA worldwide?
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  3. dabao91


    It shows total membership is 3840. But they have 53,787 associates already. Does this mean associates do not have a membership?

    Even associates do not have a membership, if I add the rest of number together, it is smaller them 3840. Does any one have any idea?
  4. Good question - email or call the NFA directly. They are good at answering emails or calls.
  5. dabao91


    I saw:

    (a) 429 has only CPO members
    (b) 750 has only CTA members
    (c ) 839 have both CPO/CTA members

    So total of CPO/CTA is 429+750+839=2018
    Total of CPO is 429+839 = 1278
    Total of CTA is 750+839 = 1589

    If you exclude "Exchanges 10" and "Associates 53,787",
    3840 (=147+9+8+11+1476+22+116+33+429+750+839) is equal to the sum of the rest numbers. Does this imply "exchanges" and "associates" are not the member of NFA?
  6. Aaron


    It doesn't sound like you know what Associated Members are. Associated Members are _people_ associated with NFA members, usually companies. Associated Members are mostly employees or independent contractors. For example, Schindler Trading is a registered CTA and CPO and member of the NFA and I am an Associate Member.

    Aaron Schindler
    Schindler Trading
  7. dabao91


    Buy you (a nature person) is a CTA, right?
  8. Aaron


    Two spelling mistakes and a grammar error in a simple sentence and a misspelling in the title of this thread. To give a good impression, please be sure to put more care into your client communications when you start your CTA firm, Dabao.

    Schindler Trading is a sole proprietorship. So, yes, I am an example of a natural person as both an NFA CTA member and Associated member.