Total Market Cap: $747,955,398,765

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  1. when you prove you can tell the diff between shit hitting the fan and correction, I'll be more interested.

    Till then you're just hodling in the wind
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  2. I can prove it but I'm not going to. Looking at Bitcoin's chart, this looks like a typical correction with, as usual, a bit of political and media manipulation thrown in.
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  3. Everyone here is a master of the universe.

    And as soon as that is in doubt, the nick disappears , and they return and start over.
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  4. truetype


    With over 1,700 posts, some are bound to be "right."
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  5. From zerohedge

    Who yor daddy?


    "With the crypto market cap now at just $420 billion, total losses from crown to root now approach $400 billion, aka real money."
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  6. hows that korextion woiken out for ya?
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  7. Standard correction for cryptocurrencies (with all the political and media manipulation) is a retracement back to the 200-day moving average. If it doesn't hold at this level then I'll concede, it's more than a correction.
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  8. Its booty call for cryptiots

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  9. S2007S


    Standard correction that once again no cryptocurrency bull saw coming.....
    Every new bitcoin buyer who bought from November into January is now at a loss if they didn't sell any of their bitcoins..... because everyone who bought thought it was going to a million.....
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  10. I called it in early Dec, I said all the big players are short at 15,500 and above.
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