Total Market Cap: $747,955,398,765

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  1. Overnight


    Hell yes, get me in on the WLC. Here, take all my money and put it into the eventual fork, the WLCLite. Do you accept 7-11 money orders? :)
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  2. Here4money


    Yeah, the Dunning–Kruger effect is indeed pervasive.
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  3. truetype


  4. Hmmm, guess my posting this thread was TIMELY
    #14     Jan 16, 2018
  5. IB own chart of the bitcoin index doesn't work after 4pm.

    how hodl is that
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  6. If you were a buy-and-hold trader it was a very bad day. If you actually knew how to trade these things you probably had a good day.
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  7. The year is young, but my timing of this thread starter was epic, and is now the leading post of 2018
    50% drop of mkt cap in 3 days.

    I wynn
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  8. vanzandt


    :D Soes..... I like the old avatar better.
    Yep... you were the only one that thought BTC was a bubble at 17.
    And every T/A service from seeking alpha to the motley fool, to the street dot com Said if it took out 12.5 that 10 was a given.
    Hahhah... you truly are The Wizard of So(z)es.:D
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  9. Holy fukshite.

    since I posted this epic thread only two weeks ago, the new mkt cap is


    255 billion of airball gone.

    my next prediction is by subscription only.
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  10. Yes, it's called a"correction", even the most bullish of markets have them. ;)
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