Total Market Cap: $747,955,398,765

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  1. Not insane?

    sorry. can't get behind this.

    must be a new age metrosexual non binary kinda thing.
  2. No wonder wall st wants a piece of this.

    but so far , has even 10 cents of VALUE been created from all this nonsense?

    More value in the heat given off by 5 morons playing poker.
  3. Here4money


    Better to be rich than be right.
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  4. NeoTrader


    Amén to that...:D
  5. Doesn't matter, trading crypto is probably the best trading that's to be had right now. The fact that you can make real money trading these coins/tokens is all that matters.
  6. Overnight


    Lies. Go trade some HO right now. It will snap you back so fast you'll think "cryptos" is a walk in the park. WTF is with peeps and the idea that "cryptos" is all that? Go futures!
  7. I can guarantee it's not this easy. Futures are already inundated with big players, crypto is still the wild west.
  8. carrer


    One good advantage of the crypto market is it's 24/7. No daily or weekly gap.
  9. Visaria


    Yeah...but you often have sudden drops and big increases intraday.
  10. Am I too late, I'm starting the WorthLessCoin , total issuance limited to 500,000,000,000

    Join me in wealthbuidling

    Can't help it, 99.9% of crypto people strike me as morons.
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