Total investment plans of 50 leading oil and gas companies

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  1. The International Energy Agency has posted its recent report on the impact of the financial crisis on global energy investment on its website. The analysis was first submitted to the G8 Energy Ministerial meeting in Rome last weekend, but the charts and detailed commentary are worth a closer look.

    The agency’s conclusions are most neatly summed up in the following table:


    Good luck with that V recovery !
  2. More like a Dub-ya, it seems. With a broken leg.
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    Tho oil companies are looking for any reason to drive up the price of gas. President Obama needs to put price controls on gas prices to prevent the gauging. Either that or nationalize the oil and gas companies.
  4. Wow is that ever a terribly bad idea.
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    Why? So the oil corporations can run the price of gas up as will? You're clueless. It would be the best thing for this country.
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    Supply and Demand is a well-understood economic principle.

    When demand goes up, supply goes up or the price of supply goes up. When demand goes down, supply goes down or the price of supply goes down.

    When prices go up, people use less supply. When prices go down, people use more supply.

    As of 2005, we pay an average of 45.9 cents per gallon for taxes regardless of the price of gas.
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    Good 'ole Dub-ya had his portly fingers in everything and no Obama needs to try and get us out of the mess. States are charging insane taxes that need to be regulated.
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    Unfortunately, Obozo isn't part of the solution, he is part of the problem.
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    So, you want lower taxes? You "regulate" the "insane taxes" by voting for politicians who will lower your taxes.

    You "regulate" by exercising your right to vote.
  10. Supply/Demand is easily bastardized when Ayn Rands "men of the mind" get together and collude to keep out competitors and drive prices higher.

    Supply/Demand equibalance theories work only when the particular market is hyper-efficient and hyper-transparent involving scrupulous honest characters. Unfortunately these characteristics belong in the realm of fantasy.

    Those who believe the common theories of Supply/Demand are the same people who believe in the common fallacies of efficient stock markets or that markets are "predictive" in nature.

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