Total Internet Takeover by Military Industrial Complex-NOC, BA, RTN, GD

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  1. Do you really want to be running your mouth on ET when Raytheon is watching over the traffic?

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  2. Yes indeed, just as I have been saying......the "selected" ENDGAME president bringing on the ENDGAME!

    ENJOY!!!! :eek:
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  4. speaking long term...

    the Roman Empire and British Empires eventually collapsed because it was simply too expensive, and the supply lines too long to support a vast empire, and the world would no longer continue to allow them to print.

    We operate 180+ military bases all over the world.

    Secondly, if the world eventually forces the government to cut spending, wouldn't defense be the first on the chopping block and in line with Obama's anti war philosophy? At a minimum, would obama cut the pork and waste from defense given it would be at least a little more politically defensible than cutting say medicare spending when he needs the votes of baby boomers?

    on the other hand, you have Marc Faber and others stating that wars typically are started over commodities and money, and this period will be no different.

    either way, perhaps there is a black swann trade up or down in there, maybe a long term, long straddle could be worth a flier at some point?
  5. Good song there....:D
  6. Mr Pain

    Mr Pain

    This is no big deal. Other potentially hostile countries have cyber warfare capabilities. We have to be able to protect critical infrastructure from these threats. When that Chinese jet fighter crashed into our spy plane near China, there was basically a cyber war that took place with Chinese hackers going after US sites. They were so offended that we have a spy plane and ships of their coast. Its not like they have million hackers trying to steal every thing they can from us and moles that basically steal every piece of intellectual capitol they can from their employers and bring it back when the go to China on vacation.

    The Chinese are thieves and we need to do more to protect ourselves from them and others.
  7. As long as they don't bad porn.
  8. Eight


    No biggie there. The public sector will never get their networks right, they don't get anything else right. The damn power grid got hacked !! A high school kid with some $200 whitelisting SPI firewalls could secure that He'd have to keep them off the internet noces in China and Germany maybe but a kid could do it !! Democrats will instead spend billions on upgrading stuff, that means "we will reward donors with contracts", same as mob guys reward other mob guys with street renovation projects paid for with public funds..

    I hate these guys with their "wake up sheeple" videos..
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    Rod Beckstrom had some interesting parting words back in March.

    More generally, David Holtzman has some thoughtful perspectives regarding technology and privacy.
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