TOTAL HONESTY: how much did you lose today?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by increasenow, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. first of all...if you did lose $$$...I am truly sorry...but if you dare to much did you lose today and what caused it?...serious responese only...again, very sorry it happened...I myself did not trade due to weather, techinical issues where I live...again, very sorry...
  2. My best trading day in a long time.

    Absolutely delicious what else could a trader want.
  3. bonds


    just curious why would you want to hear from ppl who lost money rather than ppl who made money?
  4. yes, lets hear from those that made money!!!...why did not ask..I believe there was another post covering that aspect...but YES, lets hear the winners here also...also...the 'lying' winning tales tend to come out if you ask for them...don't like that...
  5. Today wasn't completely bad. I lost about $600.
  6. Iam sure some lost quite some coin today. If you bought the .25 cut, here is an old saying" Buy the rumor sell the FACT". Some had to kill it also. Today was a good day for me. Better luck to who had a bad day
  7. It was crystal clear what I had to do after the news came out. I was actually positioned short pre FOMC, targets were hit within seconds on the initial spike down [NQ].

    Afterwards I sold each and every bounce covered the last batch @ 2089.25.
  8. took a double bottom after the fomc announcement, lost 22 er tics so 220 per contract.
  9. how many total NQ points?
  10. anyone trade the YM in this mess today?
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