Total Freak-Out at IB today

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by jwcapital, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. On every January 1 or January 2, I close out my futures options and reenter them at the close as of December 31 (mark-to-market accounting). So, I go to account statement for December 31. All of the cash in my commodities column as well as my option positions are missing and not accounted for--so it appears that I am missing a huge chunk of my account. So, then I go to the margin reports section and view the report for December 31. It is a little better--shows a better landscape but still missing about $400.00. Lastly, I go to the Stress Report for December 31, 2008. Lo and Behold--it is the only accurate report available. Fortunately, it lists all of my positions and closing prices--so I was able to complete my mark-to-market task. Either presenting an inaccurate December 31 is new, or I haven't checked the report until January 2.
  2. My 12/31 report was inacurate was well but it was because not all of the jobs had completed their updates. I ran it again late afternoon and it was fine. Based on the time of your post, I think you might have run it too early.