Total debt 1000% of GDP

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    Do we include all the foreign financial entity's operating in the uk, is there debt also, potentially, the governments? I don't really buy this, sounds like something max keiser would say
  2. Unfortunately it is true or near enough.
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    Do we have a serious break down of the British financial institutions, the amounts involved and evidence of the UK governments responsibility to step in and sort those debts out should things go wrong?

    I could add up all the debt of corporations registered in the cayman islands and paint a bad picture using the same line of thinking etc.
  4. The best place to look is the IEA (Insititute of Economic Affairs) and The Taxpayers Alliance.

    Admittable it is more like 500% of GDP although that was not inclusive of company debt, which I think is high because of the tax shield.
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    I thought that kind of chart died when the old Soviet Union died.:D