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  1. You've got a high school kid here and all you guys can do is argue about advanced options trading books? :confused:

    Yeah, the book is completely inaproppriate for this person and their level of experience and knowledge about the markets.

    Hey kid, here's some good advice.

    Ace all of your math and computer courses, and your econ courses as well. Start off with investing in mutual funds and stocks, and then move to trading if you are still interested.

    Whatever you do take it slow (you have plenty of time) and be careful of assholes on websites who recommend that you start-off by studying advanced options books

    Good Luck
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  2. Mandel, who is arguing about what books to read?! It was just a suggestion.

    Sure ace all your math and econ classes but it will not make or break your success in trading
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  4. Start with Reminiscences of a Stock Operator and both of the Market Wizards books, then study technical analysis, then options. Natenberg isn't super complicated if you can get through high school calculus, but if you don't have a basic understanding of markets before hand it won't make sense
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  6. nexx


    well staying on topic here these are some books you should consider. (In Order would be best)

    These books will "Get you feet wet" in the idea of trading & the terms used so you can understand more clearly the more indepth/advanced books.

    (Also consider reading them in the following order)

    These go into further detail then the first 3 books


    Also just watch some CNBC and Bloomberg when you can and try to understand what there taking about.

    It also may seem like alot of books but i think these books pretty much cover the basics for you to start trading Stocks first then later if you want branch off to Options or Futures. Also just buy 1 at a time and study it when you feel your ready get the next one and so on, since your in high school you have plenty of time to learn all you need before you start trading.

    also consider paper trading for while once you read the basic books

    (from my previous post on paper trading)

    Paper trading sites that i have seen are (Dont like it to much because its more of a game/competition feel like if you dont want to participate in the competition its still right there in your face ever time you go to the site. and you cant set your start amount) (This one is ok you can set your start amount but the commission of $19.99 sucks big time) (My favorite since you can set your start amount and the commission you pay, And its a very clean looking site even the over view of your portfolio looks good.)
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  7. Good post JJ.
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  8. you might want to start with forex.... you can trade with about $300.
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    mutual funds are for a sheep, learn to think for yourself.
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