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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by andytk5, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. andytk5


    I just set up and new comp for trading only and had everything perfect until the update. Now 2 of the current 6 mons on the new comp are still dark, but the 4 new 22" (eventually 8 22"s) are now lighter, like the brightness is up, all the settings in the Nvidia panel are the same, and the 22"s have the brightness and contrast still at 75...

    Only thing that has changed was 15' HDMI cables for the 22" mons and the 2 20" mons have the DVI cables. WOuld just like my charts back to the blacker setting I had, checked the TOS settings and it's the same as before. Not sure what's up. I think there is 1678, 1713, and now 1714 builds on tos. Tried to restore in the configure tab to the old build.

    Any thoughts?
  2. rickf


    They appear to be having major problems this morning post-update. The trading channel is full of folks reporting problems with MAJOR chart lags, nonexistent data, no audio on their 'squawk' and other problems.

    Sit-on-hands for me today.
  3. joe4422


    This is why TOS charts are free. they're completely unreliable.
  4. tlow


    Im having the same problem
  5. rickf


    I'm more peeved that they've not even sent an email or Twitter alert to customers acknowledging there are problems. I logged out of the platform and now can't get back into the system, either.

    Website works fine, but I ain't trading futures through it.

    I'm generally pleased with TOS, but they dropped the ball bigtime today both technically and on the customer service front. Grrr.
  6. andytk5


    Yeah, well that expalins why rep was so quick to get off the chat.. Also the newlayout for active trader kinda sucks.. Liked the other layout, plus was used to it. No reason to push itover the chart like that for dead space in the bracketing rows. Poor call.

    All downhill since TD...

    Rick - agreed!
  7. tlow


    Agreed....I was thinking about switching anyway since I've started primarily trading futures. This may be the last straw...

    Did the rep say anything about getting it fixed or timeframe? I assume its a server/software issue on their end and there is nothing we can do from our end.
  8. rickf


    I got a quick non-answer from the CSR via email. I asked why we have had no alert or even acknowlegement of problems.....they just apologised and said they were working on it.

    Been offline for over 30 minutes now and thre's been NO announcement of any sort.
  9. andytk5


    No he didn't he just said I could move things around to set it up like I used to have it, which is a load of bs... Since I can't move the buttons back to where they were.

    Anyhow, you said something about switching? All I trade now are the ES and GC, would you recomend a different platform? I know alot a guys have gone to infinity, but don't know a lot about them. Looks like it may be time to check out.
  10. tlow


    ya sorry, Im not in a place to give you platform advice...I was going to ask you guys the same thing :)

    Definitely going to start doing some research today. I can't believe they wouldn't even give an explanation or a hey, its going to take a day or two...sorry.

    Before TD, I really felt like I was there only customer, it was awesome. oh well, times change.

    On another note, I started trading the ES also. Sometimes if I do a market order, the fills are incredibly slow (my reason for thinking about switching in the first place) Do you guys have similar problems?
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