TOS & the greeks

Discussion in 'Options' started by Pauluss, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Pauluss


    Dear all,

    It's my pleasure to ask my first question after reading many interesting posts on ET.

    I used TOS for paper trading (more to see how strategy works that do "really" trade) and I wonder how the greeks are presented.

    I searched on their website but cannot find the answer.

    E.g. on the attached file, are they in percentage or in abslute value? Or in another value that I have to multiple by 10 to get the percentage? I would like to understand them to afine my strategies but cannot interpret them right now due to this weakness...

    Thanks for helping me,

  2. MTE


    I've never seen a software that displays the greeks on a percentage basis. Thinkorswim has them as an absolute value. So, for the AAPL position you have in the pic the 45 and -55 delta means the number of shares. Or in other words, the particular options have a delta of 0.45 and -0.55, but since 1 contract is for 100 shares and you have 1 contract each those delta numbers are multiplied by 100 to give you per position values.

    If you had 2 contracts then those numbers would've been double that.
  3. buybig


    MTE is correct..

    your looking @ position total greeks..

    they are not in %..

    you need to change your settings to allow you to view the greeks per contract in the position..