TOS/TDA down again. :(

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by rickf, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. rickf


    0940 ET the TOS Desktop locked up. Restarted and now can't get back in. No idea what the problem is *this* time.

    Ugh. The hits keep on coming. If I didn't hate OXPS charting and AIR platform I'd seriously consider going back to them at this point.

    ETA: As someone on Twitter just posted "The damage TD Ameritrade has done to the thinkorswim brand is growing exponentially. $$” [Yes, I'm about done with them]" I agree completely.
  2. Yep, just got kicked out and can’t get back in, the phone says the wait is over 20 minutes to talk to someone.
    The funniest thing is how the guys who founded TOS kept saying how the TDA takeover would be a “good” thing.
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  4. Yes.
    Its happening every morning. for a whole hour or so I cant see charts, Quotes are frozen and trades take ages to submit.

    The iPad app doesn't work at all since the last update so its a real bummer.
  5. moonie


    Had a sell order, showed on my screen, then disappeared......WTF?
  6. uptickk


    Not happy myself but what really annoys me is that there is no notification from the broker that an issue exists. Of course if they did that no one would use them because there are always issues...
  7. living account showes "reconneting..."
    paper money account workes,but can't sort my indicator .
  8. uptickk


    Was just told by Emmett on their online help section that "It should be back online in 20-30 mins." Like it was no big deal, like I was ording a pizza.
  9. rickf


    They used to even tell us when they had data feed problems. Very proactive customer support when they were TOS, which I appreciate. Past year or so after the merger was announced it's gone to hell. Very very sad.

    If a broker is having problems, especially if they claim to cater to active traders[1], you'd think they'd be telling us of such technical problems by Twitter or E-mail blast. But no -- radio silence. Again.

    [1] Which I'm not for equities/options, but when I log in somewhere, I expect to get logged in, or be told why I can't.
  10. moonmist


    Well, can we switch to the paper trading account, and asked TOS/TDA to exchange the paper profit with real money at the end of the day ? :p

    Of course, if there is any loss, we'll keep our mouths shut.:D
    #10     Sep 30, 2011