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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by JoeSpoo, Oct 22, 2011.

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    I got a small tastytrade voucher to test against my thinkorswim account. It has been "applied" but where can I see it being used? My commissions do not show the voucher credit being applied.

    Anyone figured this out yet?
  2. call them and ask. it'll save time. you might also ask if tos vouchers are no longer valid since they were bought by tda.
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    Yeah, I'll call Monday and post their response.

    I'm certain ToS vouchers are still good. I purchased and "applied" mine after the merger and clearing consolidation. I dealt with ToS people for that. I'd even heard on tastytrade that ToS and TDA vouchers were independent, so you could use both if you have accounts with each.
  4. After ToS was bought by TD, the founder of ToS went on to start the voucher company.

    It's still valid, the voucher company exists because TD bought out ToS.
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    I contacted ToS support via online chat on this and was told I needed to call 800.773.9636 to speak with a live person. I found there is no way to check on this myself, no indication on monthly statements, and must be determined manually by a ToS person. My voucher had been applied to the account, but was not being used for any commissions on trades. ToS is looking into this.

    So it looks like this is not quite a smooth process yet.
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    OK, all better now ...

    I found that you need to login to your account through the TDAmeritrade website and go to "history and statements" under the accounts tab. Under history the voucher credits just show up as "rebate". On the monthly statements the credits are labeled "tastytrade voucher rebate".

    I had purchased a small value voucher at first to see how the process worked. Now that I'm a happy camper it's time for "all in". The deal tastytrade currently has with ToS allows a max of $700 per year in credit for commissions at a voucher cost to me of $350. This cuts my commissions in half for the next 466 trades!