TOS Tanked?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mgabriel01, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. My TOS charts have not updated still 12:20
    Might be a personal problem.......
  2. tos server is down since this morning its very slooooowwww

    use paper money. charts work on paper

    or use prophet
  3. been experiencing problems as well...the other day both the desk and web platforms were non-functional just before market open...anyone check with TOS to see exactly what is the problem?

    thanks for the paper money suggestion..

  4. Thanks!
  5. actually i always run charts on paper i have 4 monitors 30 stocks at the same time (dont want to put weight on real platform) it always works when tos crashes

  6. LOL
    whatchooo mean 'when'

  7. yes i was laughing myself lol
    well yes it does once or twice in a while, but this bad like today ????it never happened before and i been with them over a year
  8. ok it seems charts are back everything back to normal