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  1. Greetings. I'm look for reviews, shared experiences, feedback, trading ideas, and basic commentary from ThinkorSwim's Prodigio users.

    I've just began using the software and would like to begin and participate in a discussion as I enter into its use.

  2. Hi RedEye,

    I've been using Prodigio for a couple/few months now. Only in paper mode though. Because frankly it isn't ready for live trading. There are too many bugs left to squash.

    It has a lot of promise. I hope these guys keep developing and it doesn't somehow disappear. They are very attentive to fixing problems and have implemented some suggestions I've had. Literally within a few days in the next release.

    I don't believe they are labeling the software as Beta. But it should. There are far too many problems at this point to consider it fully operational. Stable? Yes, very. But a good portion of the functionality doesn't work from day to day.

    Don't even think about using it with real money. At least not in automatic mode. The potential is there, but it isn't quite ready.
  3. I found the same thing. I think the core of the program, or perhaps what we're able to upload into their servers is probably quite solid. Unfortunately, the interface we work with to create the automation seems a bit buggy. It's difficult to understand your real value at risk at certain junctures.

    I'm thinking of running it live for a few weeks on some very simple programs and limiting each trade to a very small number of shares simply to see how it acts.
  4. Speaking of which, and a problem I run into frequently, and again this evening - sometimes the backtesting tool works well and other times it fails to give a result.

    For instance, I was using it to backtest a mean revision program I'm writing yesterday. It was returning the results without problem. Today I sign on and want to run a set of results without a single change in the program so that I can view my previous results as a baseline for today's adjustments to the equation, and of course - today it fails to return any results, even though nothing at all has changed on my end. VERY FRUSTRATING.

  5. I've had that same problem.

    I've also had it DELETE some of my strategies. Be very careful and keep track of what you are doing. Since there is no way (that I know of) to save your strategies locally, you can lose a lot if something goes haywire.

    My biggest complaint is that they are not calling this Beta software. And really it should be. There are way too many problems and bugs to be calling this anything but. Stuff breaks all the time. I think if it were labeled as such, I'd probably be less bothered when things break down or stop working in the middle of a trading day.
  6. Ok Good to know it's nothing on my end. Who are you going to for assistance with the software? It's noted that there are very few materials to reference from the designers, so are you contacting these Mpowertrading people or using TOS's technical help? Have you found any other online groups which are working with it?
  7. I'm not aware of any online groups. There should be. Maybe one should be started. However, counting you and me, I only know 2 people using it. lol.

    For all my tech questions, I just email them at They've been pretty helpful to this point.
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    Until TOS fixes their data servers, I would rely on anything with them. So often in the day the charts are massively lagging or just completely wrong. How could you even dare to run an automated program in that kind of environment.
  9. The most difficult thing at the moment for a programmer is that the software does not offer enough feedback for one to know if the problem is with their faulty programing and use of the software or if its something wrong with their servers.
  10. I've heard this complaint before on this forum. And while I have experienced missing chart data ***in the paper account***, I have not experienced this issue with my live account.

    Further, I have compared quotes with other providers and there hasn't been any noticeable lagging the times I have checked.

    I'm not saying it isn't a problem. But, the times I have checked it. It hasn't been a problem. Are you experiencing these problems in a live account or paper account? And is this always the case or only certain periods of high activity? I'd honestly like to know more details so that I can watch for this myself and bring it up with the tech guys to see if they have an answer.
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