TOS paper money vs real money account

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  1. I should be grateful if those who trade options in a TOS funded account can tell me if the executions are the same as their paper money account in terms of execution speed and price? I have used the paper money account and am seriously considering funding it as the fills are very satisfactory, as mid prices are almost always received. very rare for my funded IB account.

    please just open both your real money account and paper money account when you are about to place a trade, are the executions the same in terms of speed and price?

    thanks in advance

  2. nope.
  3. danthoma


    I believe the TOS paper money always fills in the middle (not the case in a live account); but, the execution will be close. Per TOS representative, the execution will be very close but the fill price will vary. The paper money account is to test the trading system. Also, be aware that the unfunded paper money account quotes are delayed 20 minutes. Hope this helps.
  4. syzy


    Hey everyone, I'm new here (and pretty much new to trading).
    Atm I'm testing the TOS platform with paper money on an unfunded account. I trade primarily futures.

    My question is is it normal that my orders sometimes freeze and don't get executed (even if it's a stop order) ? And also is there a big difference in order fills during extended hours and the main session ?

    I know I should ask the people at TOS but I was hoping to get an objective answer here rather than excuses from TOS employees...