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Discussion in 'Options' started by Gustaf, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. Gustaf


    Just logged into my account.
    It seems all options prices gone crazy, volatility is really high.


    SPX PUT 1205 JUL06
    Market price $208

    Volatility for SPX 208%

    Anyone else have problem with this?
  2. I see bid=10.50 ask=12.10 last=12.60

    Are you looking at their website or the Java based trading software?
  3. Gustaf


    Hi, iam using the Java GUI.
    I uninstalled it an installed it again no change.

    Eliot are you in the web ui?
  4. No, I'm using the Java software.

    Try emailing them - not sure if you will get a response before Monday.
  5. leonnis


    i see the same thing as Eliot. 10.50/12.10
  6. the numbers in my paper money account are wacky, probably due to the update/upgrade to new version. my live tos version seems fine to me. In paper trader, i'm long 2600 vegas on SHLD and current vol is 628%. It's time to take my paper money and ride off into the sunset.:p
  7. Gustaf


    Yes, its the Papertrading account thats wrong, other one is working fine.