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  1. Hello,
    is it possible to enter an item (so called in in tos) in a stock-watchlist for option volume?
    I want to see how many options were traded for each stock on a current trading day.

  2. cvds16


    so what's the point if you don't know who is the seller or the buyer of the contracts ... or if it's part of a combo ...seem like a big waste of time without added value ...
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    And do you ignore others' brake lights in bumper-to-bumper traffic, as well? :wtf::rolleyes:o_O:cool:

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    Options Hacker scan?
  5. srinir


    In TOS under the trade tab, open up "Today's Option Statistics" .

    This is for AAPL

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  6. That is not what i meant. On there is a column with the option volume of the day.
    I would like to know, if this could be realized with tos.