ToS opening new Accnts for Canadians

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  1. Has anyone heard if or when TOS is going to re-open the ability for Canadians to open accounts? It's been closed since like June? My current broker wants like $45 w/ $6/contract.. how stupid is that.. I've been using the TOS for paper trading but want to start 'dipping my toe' at some point.. and blowing $100/trade [in +out] is kinda outta my league..

    Not sure what my other options [no pun intended] are for opening an accnt up here w/ comparible service [ to the TOS platform]..?
  2. interactive brokers,

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    Zumo accepts Canadian accounts.
  4. so does interactivebrokers
  5. Does either IB or Zuma allow a transfer of a TFSA into their system.?? I'm not sure if ToS does either.. but I'd prefer to keep trading inside my TFSA..
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    IB doesn't, TOS will
  7. Ahh.. well I guess it's just a waiting game to see when they are going to open it back up to new accnts for Canadians.. I wonder if I could set up an accnt through TD and then use the ToS platform and get in that way?
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    You can ONLY open up TOS accounts through TD, and like I said earlier, not yet.
  9. Etrade and OptionsXpress accept Canadian citizens.
  10. Last time I checked.. Etrade was pretty much a thug when it came time to pull your money out.. they were looking for some pretty outragous rates [%].. Haven't tried the other suggestion.. but I'll go look :)
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