ToS is adding "Robotic Trading Engine"

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  1. So I just saw on the ToS website that ToS has a "Robotic Trade Engine" coming soon. Not sure when "soon" will be but given the quality of their platform I will be anxious to see how this engine works out.
  2. Justt another ameritrade add on. Had it for years
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    Have you used this?? Interesting....
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    That is fricking bitchin'.. scan 5000 symbols server side all day, low latency to the exchanges [you'd think]...

    Move over Tradestation with your puny little client side Radarscreen with it's alerts... you are so... Bush era...
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    From the Thinkorswim Traders Lounge on Dec 30 It sounds like TOS are getting ready to finally roll Prodigio out. I have put my name down hopefully I can login soon and see how it runs first hand, this will be a huge improvement over the crappy Strategy Desk that TDAmeritrade had before. I became so frustrated with Strategy Desk just went back to manual trading using the TOS platform when that became available for TDA customers.
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    I finally have the ability to tool around with Thinkorswim's Prodigio RTS (still in development not rolled out for live use to the masses yet). I sat through watching the two introduction videos which have assisted my exploring. The WizardLab is an awesome way to build entry and exit strategies requiring no coding very similar to Vizio or Access connecting sources, logical operators, technical analysis indicators to trigger buy and sales in a slick GUI while the back end code does the real work. The back testing is incredibly slow or just plain doesn't work at all sometimes when the connection with the server times out or is dropped, I hope this is resolved soon. Since the market is closed today no indication yet how the TradeOptics or built in strategies work, or my custom developed strategies actually perform I am very curios to see how the everything rides with real market data tomorrow.
  7. I'd like to see TOS give away a free money making strat with each account.

    Since there are apparently 1000's of hft algos that all mint money, this should be no problem.
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    Unfortunately it still does not work on OSX ToS Desktop yet. The devs have been informed, but no ETA on a fix. And I refuse to use Windows. :)
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    It works the same on Windows and Mac OSX platform at this point, I am running it on the Mac myself but also have a windows box that I have tested it on. Which is to say that Prodigio right now does not have the ability to fully automate order fills and auto send orders, but it will scan and notify you based upon the RTS strategies and Trading Optics you have set up. Like Thinkorswim Desktop the Prodigio app is Java based and almost platform independent.
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