TOS index futures options coming

Discussion in 'Options' started by paden, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. paden


    I am not sure how I missed this, but just realized TOS is adding options for index futures.


    Time to start researching strategies. Love this trading gig, always something new to get lost in... I might need to get a life
  2. MTE


    Yep, as per today's release, the option on futures quotes can already be seen, and they will be "open" for trading in two weeks' time.
  3. Do have any relation to ThinkOrSwim (such as employee, ownership in someway, etc)? The same question applies to the OP.
  4. Sashe


    ahh, now I've figured out why I could only see the Jun and Sept exp in the ER2 table...any other details?
    Also, I was wondering if TOS is going to calculate the margin reqs for straddles both ways ( i.e separate marg reqs for puts and calls) or they treat it as a combo?
  5. Jeez I wish they'd get some more currency futs. Hey the futs options are a big step at least.
  6. Will/does TOS handle the account like IB's Universal account? Will TOS have a SPAN margin calculator for customers to use? Will TOS sweep cash balances into the stock account for interest and protection? If TOS adopts the best features of IB, then it will destroy IB.