TOS doesn't offer checks.... LAME!

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  1. This is ridiculous that they don't offer such a service, f--k even scottrade, who now i see as inferior offered such a convenience.
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    TOS doesn't offer money market accounts like Scottrade, TD, Schwaab and ETrade.
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    Checks are probably at the bottom of my list of things that I want from a broker, things like platform, execution and service are more important to me, but that's just me.
  4. me too, but now if i want to take out funds, it will take 2 days to clear through their ACH wire transfer, opposed to before when i could just write a check to myself and deposit it.
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    After you deposit the check, how long does it take to clear?

    It's the same difference.

    You can transfer cash from your TOS account directly to your checking account in their "Account Services Center". I use it all the time.
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    Why 2 days? If I do an ACH request with my broker before Noon, it is in my account that day (well, the next morning when I check).
  7. Praise be, you finally got a new broker...Never understood in all your posts why you accepted getting raped by Scottrade day in and day out...

    Its either a wire, or an ACH transfer, not both. Wires are same day/next morning (depending on when the sending bank actually processes it), and ACH takes two to three days.
  8. Hell i might just go back to scottrade!. Ya the commission is 2.00 cheaper, but let me tell you another BASIC, and important feature TOS is lacking.

    So today at the closing bell, I was logged in to tos website to look at my statements for last month so I could update my blog and my journal here on ET.

    To my dismay, I was unable to find my pnl for August, so I began to chat with a TOS rep who nonchalantly, and unapologetically, told me, as if it were no big deal, that they dont provide that "FEATURE".

    Excuse me?....feature?!...what the fuck man?. Do traders at TOS just not care what their profit/loss is for that month?...does everyone just fuckin write shit down on a GD piece of paper. This isnt the GD stone age, but maybe I should bust out the Ole stone slab and chisle and etch my trades in that way?. Sh-t why not, tos doesn't seem to care about making life for its traders just a weeeee bit more difficult.

    For any day traders with tos...god have mercy on your soul!.

    Well here's my statement for August, i know its kinda messy, but i'll just have to make do.

  9. I've been with them for 2+ years. They can hit one out of the park (like their super-fast ACH transfer feature) or really drop the ball as you've witnessed.
    I don't know what to say. I think it's part of all of the technology outsourcing they are doing. They pretend they have American in-house programmers, but I discovered that is just a "cover". Took them FOREVER to get their Java-based trading platform working properly. Then, they could never sanction anyone to use Java version 6, all users were stuck at the ancient version 5 and all of it's bugs and slowness. I never got a rational explanation for this.
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    Maybe in the long term TDA will get some of the short comings straightened out.
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