TOS Direct Access Routing

Discussion in 'Options' started by premtrader, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Anybody use thinkorswim's Direct Access Routing? I've always use BEST (Smarting Routing). Lately, I've been having trouble getting filled. After another filled failure today, I decided to give Direct a shot...

    For some reason, direct access is only available for single legged options, not for spreads. TOS tech wasn’t quite sure why. He guessed that I’m on the other version of TOS that doesn’t support it. He suggested that I switch over to the other version (takes overnite) to see if it will work tomorrow. Any thoughts?

    many thx in advance! -pt
  2. I only use paper trade but from the times I've spoken to the tech guys, I was told the spreads are direct access. No reason why it shouldn't be
  3. There's a bit of terminology mix-up here. Direct access to a specific exchange like the BAT, CBOE or ISE etc..... Smart - the system picks, Direct - you pick.