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    If you are using TOS charts can you look at a 1 minute chart on ESM8 or NQM8 and see if you are missing the 7:35 -7:39 AM PST and the 8:10 - 8:14 AM PST bars on 4/25/08? I am missing random bars throughout the data and would like to confirm that it's my problem or a feed problem.

  2. you not alone i'm missing to
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    Per Scott they are "working with our data vendor but have not made much progress".

    They have had bad data for weeks but have not notified clients ?? Makes you wonder.
  4. did you try switching to the Prophet charts?
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    Prophet does work. It is the TOS that has issues.
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    Who said TOS has been having bad data for weeks?
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    I said. I first reported the problem to them on April 9th when I noticed random missing bars in their charts. I have been seeing missing bars every day since then. It actually could of started earlier and was not noticed. That is 3 weeks and counting.
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    Here it is June 3rd and they still have holes in their chart data.

    You would think they could get their data provider to fix the problem.

    Or is this why they have two charting packages in their software?

    If you have their software pull up a 20 day 1 minute or 5 minute chart using their charts, not prophet on the ES, NQ, etc and you will see the holes.

  9. Yes, they use different data provider for TOS charts and Prophet. You will see a different, and you should use the one that works better. For example, I only use TOS chart indictors that use volume as a value because I have notice the Prophet volume on some stocks are inaccurate.
  10. Yes, TOS, has issues, from lapses in real time data of a few minutes to 45 minutes. Historical intraday data, as you point out, has many lapses also. Their monthly revisions tend to have glitches which are seldom fixed despite numerous calls pointing them out. Their saving grace is the excellent commisions I am currently receiving and great fills. Hopefully these issues will be resolved so they can again be the best.
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