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  1. Hello,
    is there a setup to show % change for each bar?
    TOS shows in the header only the % change for the current day.
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  2. comagnum


    See the Histogram on the bottom - this shows the % change for each bar.



    You can cut & paste this into ThinkScript

    declare lower;

    input length = 1;

    input price = close;

    assert(length > 0, "'length' must be positive: " + length);

    plot Diff = 100 * (price / price[length] - 1);

    plot ZeroLine = 0;

    Diff.DefineColor("Positive and Up", Color.GREEN);
    Diff.DefineColor("Positive and Down", Color.DARK_GREEN);
    Diff.DefineColor("Negative and Down", Color.RED);
    Diff.DefineColor("Negative and Up", Color.DARK_RED);
    Diff.AssignValueColor(if Diff >= 0 then if Diff > Diff[1] then Diff.color("Positive and Up") else Diff.color("Positive and Down") else if Diff < Diff[1] then Diff.color("Negative and Down") else Diff.color("Negative and Up"));
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  3. Thank you for the tip. I mean is there not an easier way to get this?
    In TC 2000 i get this information by clicking on the bar, no matter in which time frame.
  4. Hi antares,

    If you go to the TOS indicator called PercentChg and change the length from 14 to 1, and also change the "Draw as:" parameter from a line to a histogram, you'll get a histogram that is identical to the one comagnum posted earlier for SPY.
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