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  1. Many times the ActiveTrader quote ladder is way off from the charts. This happens most often during morning hours when the volume is high. I trade emini nasdaq100. I currently have a download speed of 12Mbps. If I upgrade to a higher internet speed will I get real time accuracy with the charts and quote ladder?

    Also, maybe it's just me stressing, but the buy/sell market buttons are way off mark from the charts and ActiveTrader ladder. I mean way the F-OFF!

    I am thinking of changing platforms if I do not find a solution. I am a 1 contract trader and cannot afford these extra problems raping my account. What other platforms are better regarding these issues?
  2. TOS is lousy for trading futures, besides the high commissions.

    Try AMP, OEC or Infinity. I currently use Infinity but switch due to better commis with AMP & OEC.
  3. I noticed the TOS desktop platform was 4 seconds slow. Then I noticed it was connected to, i.e. Singapore, and I'm in the eastern US. This might be because I use Google's public DNS server ( rather than my ISP's and it's returning a server that's close to its location rather than mine.
  4. TDA/thinkorswim is having quote problems lately. They will tell you they are not, but I have shown it to them in real time this week. You just have to keep calling and complaining, and send emails. More people need to complain so they will fix it.

    What you are seeing is the lag between their two servers. One quote server feeds the time and sales, and charts. The other server feeds the last print and quote line. The time and sales, and charts server is usually good and keeps up. The quote line server is sometimes right, and sometimes it fall several seconds behind. They claim that only certain clients are seeing this, not all of them. I don't know if that is true, so you just have to complain more so they will fix it, or leave for another broker.
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    No. 12Mbps is way more than adequate for almost anything we retail traders do.
    You do not mention the type of machine you are running, and how many charts, DOM's etc. are open. CPU and memory may be a problem. Or opt789 may have the answer.
    You have your PM and email turned off so you cannot be contacted privately. How much equity is in your account? Broker suggestions depend on your risk parameters and account size. Do you do 1 contract with or without lots of margin cushion? What do you consider a good cushion? Is the contract in the YM or ES or Corn or Gold or Silver? You get the idea.