Tortured by a Lesbian...

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  1. Prior to canceling an appearance on "Meet the Press" Friday, Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul did sit down for an interview with a local television station in which he complained about being "tortured" by Rachel Maddow but ultimately called her interview "fair."

    “I need to be very careful about going on certain networks that seem to have a bias,” the Kentucky Republican offered, by way of reflecting on the controversy he caused when he refused to endorse the totality of the Civil Rights Act. “Because it really wasn’t the interview so much that was unfair. The interview, I think, was fair. But they went on a whole day repeating something over and over again and it makes me less inclined to go on a network.”

    Rand Paul...what a weenie...sounds like Sarah Palin whining about the big bad media...

    What a pussy!!!
  2. To bad you and the Lefty commies don’t have the intellect to understand the concepts of basic freedoms within the private business world.

    You are all warped by a Government controlled society. Where fairness is arbitrary.
  3. Rand was owned by a lesbian...and you think the practice of racism should be a basic freedom...



  4. You mean this private business world?





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    Ok, that was funny.
  7. Perhaps Ayn Rand Paul should go on Fox, where he would be asked the hard-hitting questions: How did you get to be so wonderful? Aren't the liberals just terrible? Can I refill your teacup?