Torture in America's Schools

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    These teachers are more than likely card carrying union democrats. This is disgraceful.

    Torture in America's Schools

    And silence from the be-kind-to-KSM crowd.


    Last month the Government Accountability Office issued a shocking report on "selected cases of death and abuse"--not at Guantanamo Bay or other detention facilities for terrorists, but at schools for American children:

    GAO also examined the details of 10 restraint and seclusion cases in which there was a criminal conviction, a finding of civil or administrative liability, or a large financial settlement. The cases share the following common themes: they involved children with disabilities who were restrained and secluded, often in cases where they were not physically aggressive and their parents did not give consent; restraints that block air to the lungs can be deadly; teachers and staff in the cases were often not trained on the use of seclusions and restraints; and teachers and staff from at least 5 of the 10 cases continue to be employed as educators.
    The 10 cases involved children ranging in age from 4 to 14, and eight of the cases occurred at government schools. Here is just a sample:

    At a public school in West Virginia, a 4-year-old girl with cerebral palsy and autism "was 'uncooperative,' so teachers restrained her in a chair with multiple leather straps that resembled a 'miniature electric chair.' " The girl was later diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder. "At least one of the three teachers responsible" is still at the school.

    At a Texas public school, a 230-pound "special education teacher" placed a 129-pound boy of 14 "into a prone restraint and lay on top of him because he would not stay seated." The student died. The case was ruled a homicide but no charges were filed. The teacher "currently teaches in Virginia and is licensed to instruct children with disabilities."

    In a California public school, the teacher of a 7-year-old autistic girl "secluded child in a walled off area because she refused to do work, sat on top of her because she was wiggling a loose tooth, and repeatedly restrained and abused her." The teacher "left the school but began teaching again in a different school district."

    "GAO could not determine whether allegations were widespread," the report disclaims, but it makes clear they are more widespread than just the 10 cited cases:

    GAO did find hundreds of cases of alleged abuse and death related to the use of these methods on school children during the past two decades. Examples of these cases include a 7 year old purportedly dying after being held face down for hours by school staff, 5 year olds allegedly being tied to chairs with bungee cords and duct tape by their teacher and suffering broken arms and bloody noses, and a 13 year old reportedly hanging himself in a seclusion room after prolonged confinement.
    When the report came out on May 19, we figured it would be a good opportunity to find common ground with politicians and commentators who've been complaining for years about the "torture" of terrorists. We figured President Obama would issue an executive order banning torture in schools, the New York Times would publish an indignant editorial, Dick Durbin would take to the Senate floor to declare that the teachers unions remind him of the Gestapo, and that nut who writes for The Atlantic would proclaim himself "shocked to the core."

    We were going to respond by saying that although we think there are circumstances under which it is justifiable to treat terrorists roughly, all good people can agree that torturing schoolchildren is categorically wrong. But we didn't have anything to respond to. As far as we are aware, the GAO's findings have been greeted with silence by the leading self-proclaimed "torture" opponents--though Education Secretary Arne Duncan did tepidly promise "he will ask state school chiefs around the country about the use of restraints and confinement of pupils in the classroom," according to the Associated Press.

    Where's the outrage? Could it be that all the complaining about "torture" was but a pretext for some less noble agenda?
  2. Unless they can find an angle to ridicule republicans, it'll never make the news.
  3. Pubs have very serious issues about the President.

    Obama uses a teleprompter and has a speech writer.

    Obama was born in Kenya.

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    Obama is giving trillions to the banks, instead of having credit markets lock up.

    The media would have work reeeally hard to find an angle to ridicule the pubs:D :D
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  5. Tough issue, and I'll assume you care because you posted the article but, imo, none of this will ever come up for public debate because one cannot know the entire set of circumstances due to privacy laws.

    "...teachers and staff in the cases were often not trained on the use of seclusions and restraints."

    Training anyone in seclusions and restraints implies that it is allowed. You cannot train someone to use restraint if it is now allowed. So of course, this is an inflamatory statement.

    "At a public school in West Virginia, a 4-year-old girl with cerebral palsy and autism "was 'uncooperative,"

    "Uncooperative" is an euphemism and could mean anything from someone ready to hurt themselves or others and won't comply with a verbal directives.
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    Tubby, you seem to have serious mental problems. Why are you posting moronic statements that have nothing to do with the thread? Don't you have a life?
  7. Who is Tubby?

    I would reckon I have as much of a life as u, since we ur having a conversation.

    Don't u have Critical Thinking?
  8. Its because Dems don't consider those with disabilities as people. If a democrat woman is pregnant with one of these children the first they do is run off and get an abortion. In the eyes of democrats these kind of people have no purpose in life so its best to kill them when you still have a chance. Its the reason they hate Sarah Palin so much. She found out she had a Downs child and decided not to have an abortion and the left was absolutely furious about it. Lets be honest, the left could care less about these kids.

    We don't have to go back too far to remember the hero of the left, Barak Hussein Obama, doing late night comedy shows in which he was cracking jokes at the expense of special olympics children. Thats a real class move Obama. Then two sentences later the hypocrite will be saying concerned he is about the little guy. What a joke. With that kind of attitude its no wonder this is nowhere on the media's radar.
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    Go back and read your moronic statement. The only critical thinking you have done today was to decide how many slices of bacon to eat this morning. You are a pear-shaped loser. You know it. I know it. Run along tubby (or should I say waddle along).
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