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  1. This is a non trading question.
    What is the rent in Toronto each month(average apartment)Please state
    in Canandian or U.S. dollars.
    Cable or DSL available?
    thanx in advance
  2. Rent varies depending on your location from downtown area.

    For core downtown where the business centre is,
    rent for 1 bedroom goes from $1300 (all in Cdn$) to $1600.
    rent for 2 bedrooms goes from $1800 and up.

    For areas around downtown, they start to drop $100 to $200
    per 20 minute ride of subway :)

    DSL, cable ready almost everywhere.

    There is also the area next to the lake (south of downtown),
    where rent is $200 to $300 higher than downtown.

    Satellite feed more likely require a house or you have
    an office in a highrise office building.
  3. Thanx Lawrence
  4. It's hard to give you a ball-park figure without knowing what you're looking to rent. If you don't mind living 30 min outside downtown you could get a small apartment for $800 ish... If you are living in a large city now then the rent prices are probably quite similar.