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  1. The technical trading seminar is one of two seminars being give Saturday May 24th at 1:30p - 4p at the Bayview Golf & Country Club in Thornhill.
    The first seminar is about Real Estate Investing in Canada & the USA.
    The second is the technical trading seminar. Learn how to identify the trend and entry trades with an extremely high probability of success. The second seminar starts at 3pm . . . 40 min. & Q&A for 20 min (one hour).
    Both seminars are for only $10. . . . to cover the venue fee only ! ! !
    Address: 25 Fairway Heights Dr (north of Leslie & Steeles - where leslie ends)

  2. $10? Is this one of those can't-miss foreclosure/investing seminars? These are usually "free" - trying to convince you to sign up for the $6000 "master's degree."

    This post reminds me of a Honeymooners episode. Ralph Kramden buys a huge lot of useless kitchen His big idea was to sell them via television commercials. His wife, Alice thought he got taken to the cleaners.

    He declared: "Do you know how long it would take to sell all these, going door to door?"

    Alice said "ONE, if he came here first!"

    So, sounds the value of this seminar, which needs to come hat in hand to a freebie classified section

  3. meant to say "useless kitchen implements"