toronto Trading Room?

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  1. i am looking for a toronto trading room or a group of local traders who want to start a co-op.
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    Unsure as to what you're trying to set up:

    a workplace for people to work out of and possibly feed off the guys whom are successful


    a weekly get together, possibly during trading hours where we discuss and possibly develop new trading systems (might work if we each put some genuine input into it). - In all honesty this process does sometimes work as most of my trading strategies are a result of my ideas tweeked with bits and pieces from others.

    If the idea is for the latter, I would consider joining. However the thought of commuting every day to a workplace doesn't seem too interesting unless you get (most unlikely) a superstar trader who has discovered the holy grail of trading and is willing to share.
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    are you talking about a physical office to trade out of or a chat room?

  4. :D
  5. You must be very new to the internet.
  6. i will clarify, i know there are many traders who would benefit and enjoy the company of other traders.

    i know that we can get get at least $3/1000 or better if investors want to trade stocks at a shop but even for futures trading , currency etc.

    i have traded for the past 5 years and use software and would bring that in-house.
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    Seems like you're trying to recruit us rather than trade with us.

    As for boasting $3/1000, most Canadians in the business know where to get .20-.50/1000 with some profit split.

    I for one, am not interested in commuting on a daily basis. Once (poss. twice) a week to break the monotomy would be nice, but daily isn't appealing.

    For those reasons, I'm OUT
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    naive people do not know they are naive
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    7out, do you want to start a group like this ?
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    If there is enough interest it could be interesting to at least give it a go.

    Start gathering interest and we can possibly start the 1st week of the new year.
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