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  1. I am looking to Set up a shop with Traders in the Toronto Area, East end

    I run algorithmic trading models using tradeStation and am looking for Traders to run the models.

    I can provide you a 3 week free evalution

    If you are struggling with your trading an auomated program may get you over the hump.

    Dave Poxon
  2. How much do you charge once the free evaluation is over?
  3. I am looking for a a few partners who will run the systems. I have a functioning auotrader so the trader would be required to just over see things.

    cost could just be a split of profit or maybe just free use to run other systems.

    My goal is to develop a room of traders. I have worked with JC trading and they have a great set up

    if you want to see things and are not a trade station user i might be able to get you a $25 Tradestation trial

    where in Toronto are you ?

    Dave Poxon

  4. Were in the East end are you looking to set up a trading shop, on the Bloor Line ?
  5. a little further than that.. i live in Whitby but worked donwtown for years.

    I may also set up downtown as well.

  6. pm me your telephone so we can chat
  7. Skittish


    Knew this guy when he was back at Cannacord Capital.
    My VERY STRONG advice it to take a pass.
  8. ironchef


    Welcome. Sounded like you knew the subsequent outcome of his trading algorithm and methodology. Care to share?

    OP, and thread were 10 years old, before the great recession.

    Best wishes.
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    post your name. I cant discuss the issue due to confidentially settlement but check OSC or IDA/IRROC websites. I was completely exonerated. if you wish to see info then head to my site and see real results. i hate cowards who think they know something. I have had numerous top models on futures truth and did run 30 plus successful algo traders. FYI, 17 years ago there was no algo trading because the firms tech was so bad