Toronto Traders Meetup Jan 18th 2007

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by mcelitetrader, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. mcelitetrader

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    Hello...This post is to setup a meeting for Thursday January 18th 2007 at the Bedford Academy in Toronto.
    36 Prince Arthur St -- near Avenue Rd and Bloor St.

    Parking is available on the street or in the parking lot nearby.

    Please respond to this saying you are coming and pass on this note to others. Turnouts have been good in the past. Hope to see you all there.
  2. htungh


    i'm in
  3. Jaime


    I'm in as well :D
  4. mcelitetrader

    mcelitetrader ET Sponsor

    I think if we aim for 7pm........
  5. excag


    Im in..
  6. I will do my very best to be there...
    Thanks to the organizers for keeping this Grand Tradition alive.
  7. pbw


    I am in too.
  8. kwancy


  9. Oooooh....Bedford Academy...right next to one of my favorite restaurants, Fieramosca...
    My bro used to live on Prince Arthur...

    I miss The Big Smoke...
  10. pbw


    so how many do we have coming so far? Would be nice to have at least 15 persons again --
    #10     Jan 8, 2007