Toronto Traders Meeting May 15, 2008

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  1. To all my fellow Toronto traders,

    The next Toronto Meeting will be on Thrusday May 15, 2008 at 7:15 pm. the place is:

    "On the Rocks Martini Lounge"

    It is located near Royal York station. You get off at Royal York subway station. Take the Greenview Exit. Walk to Bloor street. Take a left. DO NOT CROSS BLOOR. It’s at 2956 Bloor st. W. right next door to the LCBO and there is lots of green P parking behind the bar.

    This months presentation will be done by "SumoSam", hope I got the handle correct.

    This meeting is an open invitation to any traders looking to meet and discuss current trading setups and ideas. It is always casual and we have a regular group that consistently appear.

    It is always good to see some new faces. Please post a response saying YEA or NEY to attending the meeting.

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  3. Hi Vanquish! I will be there
  4. Excellent, most likely we will be on the patio weather permitting.
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  6. I'm there
  7. pbw


    I'm in.

    However, it was my understanding that Barry was going to organize this month's hook up and presentation on ETFs. I guess he is off the hook "again."

    To avoid any future mix up -- I propose that the organizer ( which for now is Vanquish) also have the responsiblilty to find who the next month's volunteer organizer will be.

    This way there is an auto system in place and confusion may be avoided in determining who will be organizing the next hook up.

    So Vanquish along with your other heavy burdens, I propose you also find and put in place who will be next month's (June) organizer --

    so of course any confusion is avoided...
  8. pbw


    Also just a note -- there were some ideas in the last get together that in the summer months -- July, August -- a hook up be orgainzed out of the city -- one at Bonds newly purchased place near Peterborough who has gracioulsy invited us for a out door barbecue -- and one possibly in Wasaga if Canuckboy is still open for hosting it.
  9. Although I appreciate the invitation, I would perfer to have the hook-up as per usual Toronto on a week night.
  10. sumosam


    I'm doing the presentation in June. We decided it would be someone else in May.

    anyways, I'm in. May sure you eat prior to going to this place. Beer's abit expensive so perhaps we'll all order jugs!

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