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Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by sumosam, Oct 23, 2008.

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    are we through as a group? enjoyed our get to-gethers. hope you are all well:D
  2. With all respect to that Toronto Traders group, I think they need more "real" traders. I attend the group once and found that 90% of the people there were not traders. . . but only tire-kickers. Nothing wrong with learning, but to make it a good meeting real traders with something meaningful to share are required.
    I'd like to start a new Toronto Traders Group and have meetings once a month with an agenda, guest speakers and an educational format that will benefit all.
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    i attended a number of times....last winter and spring, and most were independents or prop traders. in any event, it would be great to have an event once a long as it is downtown?
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    Myself and Barry started the Toronto hook ups over two years ago now. It was my intention that the hooks up are to be primarily social with minimum formalities and agenda. We don't need to meet every month either. When it first started we met every three months. So no big deal we are not doing a hook up in October. We will likely do one in November though.

    There are lots of places one can go and get educational seminars -- we just get together for a drink here and there -- and discus markets and share information.

    Traders need to get out more often and unwind. Sometimes we have good presentations and other times not. Sometimes no presentations.
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    i agree with pbw...personally, i have education coming out of my ears....the best part is the comarderie....:D