Toronto Traders Hook Up Nov 29

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by torontoman, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. PBW,

    lol...your not going to Cuba again r you:D Anyways I was just putting it out there for all to decide
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  2. pbw


    we will have let TO decide however since he is organizing it... now back to the markets.....
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  3. pbw


    btw, just a quick mention, most pubs seem to have their half price specials from 3 - 7pm -- so for those who want to take advantage of them need to show up earlier than 7pm -- just make sure you find a good table for the rest who show up later....
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  4. I'm sorry, but I cannot change the date unless there are MANY people that cannot make it that night. The reason that it stands at Nov 29, is that I know of at least a couple of people who may be coming from out of town, from far, and are trying to make arrangements.

    But I have a suggestion for Vanquish. Perhaps he can discover the delights of Diet Coke to satisfy his thirst.
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  5. It was just an idea, but thanks for the cheap shots from you and
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  6. Don Bright In Toronto

    Hi all (again). per discussions started in this group, <b>Don Bright</b> is coming to Toronto and will be presenting with his colleague Rob Friesen of PairCo on 30-Jan-2008 (4:30-5:30PM). Yes, this is a CSTA event, but please do not consider this an ad. I thought it would be of interest to everyone because Don posts here. There will be no other CSTA event notices. to sign-up, visit and follow the links. there is no charge for CSTA members and first time attendees.

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  7. pbw


    Jeff, if one attends the Dec 19th function, does that count as first time attendance --which means to attend Don Bright's Jan 30 event will involve a cost? If so, then some may prefer to skip the Dec 19 event and attend only Don Bright's talk.
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  8. TradeHard


    Hey Guys,

    I just stumbled across this thread. I think it's great that local Toronto traders are meeting monthly. Do I have to register to attend these meetings? I am interested in attending the next one at the Fox and Fiddle. Thanks in advance.
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  9. Hi Tradehard,

    No, you don't have to register. Just show up.
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  10. the December event doesn't count, so, per your question, the Jan event will be free of charge.


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