Toronto Traders Hook Up Nov 29

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  1. The next Toronto Traders Hook Up will be held on November 29 at The Fox and Fiddle pub in the new Holiday Inn very near St. George station at 7pm. Detailed directions will follow. Tachyon will make a short presentation and I'm really looking forward to it, as this very experienced trader has helped me tremendously in my trading.

    The 7pm earlier start time was requested so that some of you may participate in the Happy Hour Specials.

    We ask that those of you that do NOT order drinks nor food, and only order water, to please leave a tip for the waitress.

    Here is the website of the bar.

    Directions: You may want to print this out.
    Get off at St. George Station and use the exit called St. George St.. This exit is only accessible on the North/South platform. As spoon as you are outside turn left and head towards Bloor st. At Bloor turn right and soon you willl see the familiar Holiday Inn gree signs. The pub is on the main floor. It should take you about 2 minutes from St. George Station.

    Hope to see you there. Who is in?
  2. Why are we changing Locations?
  3. Some thought that Pauper's was too loud. I thought that it was okay, but I can't argue when a FEW people said it. There will be a hockey game that night, so it may be loud again.
  4. pbw


    In italian -- inuendo.

    btw -- Paupers also had cramped seating arrangements --besides the loud noise. Also, its good to check out other places so as not to get stuck to one place -- a metaphor for not getting stuck on one trading system. As the markets constantly change so should the bars we pick....

    Also as TO politely said, those who attend and order only water should leave a tip for the waiters -- but since the pub has kindly allowed us to use their space, which has a cost invloved for them -- it would be appropriate that one should order something -- and tip the waiters well--so we keep on good terms with the pub...

    Other social norms should also be pointed out as the need arises in future threads by those who atttend -- of course in a polite manner...
  5. I'm in.
  6. Year-End Get-Together

    As promised back at the Sep hook-up, the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts is having an open house at the Strathcona Hotel 'Pub'. Date is 19-Dec. You are all invited! Time is from 5PM onwards.

    Please register at:

    There is no cost to attend. Finger foods and a drink will be offered.

    The Strath is located just North of Front St. on York.

    Hope to see you there.

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    Although at the Toronto ET hook ups we are a bit careful and sensitive to not have any sales presentations done in our get togethers, we are certainly open to receive good and worthwhile information.

    Hence with that in mind, I would have to reconmend the invitation by the CSTA on Dec 19 -- its free for our group --and the CSTA is a established and reputable educational networking Society.

    The CSTA get together is however meant to introduce new members to their group -- so one should not be surprised about that.

    I am pretty sure I will be attending and hope to see others from our group there also.

    I think also it is a good point of discussion in our next hook up to discuss how we should handle endorsing other events. Otherwise, we could be getting endorsments every five minutes...
  8. After meeting "over_invested" at the Toronto Hook up, I agree with pbw that this invitation would benefit traders. Not only is over_invested very knowledgeable, but he is very approachable to all levels of traders.
  9. Guys,

    I suggests that we move the Toronto Hook up date to Thursday Nov 22/07, because it is American Thanksgiving and Friday will be a very slow day for the markets. So having a couple of pints becomes a non-event.:D
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    So finally Vanquish reveals himself. He is more interested in having some pints than making money in the markets. I knew there was something fishy about him... an alcholic trader is what we may have in hand here folks.

    Personally for me I may be out of town on the 22nd --not sure yet --so I 'd prefer the 29th. Making last minute changes is also usually a tricky affair...Similar to when you enter your trade set up and then when in the trade you change your stop --and don't follow your plan. You usually have a loosing trade.

    In fact this is exactly what happened to me a few days ago in a trade I was in. I was certain I was going to get stopped out, so I decided to exit and have a smaller loss. However, as it turns out, my stop was not hit by one meager point and my trade would have been profitable had I stayed the course.....
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