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    I think its time for another meeting in Toronto. Keeping these meetups as monthly will help to bring a decent turnout and will let questions be answered and various setups compared as systems and arrangements seem to change so rapidly.

    I was unable to make the last one and was able to get some good things out of previous meetings.

    I say we try the 31st of this month. This is a Thursday and is the last trading day of this month.

    Gabby's seems to work well..........

    It is called Gabby's Bar and Grill

    location: 194 Bloor street west

    Date: Thursday May 31st, 2007

    time: 7:30pm

    West off Avenue Road --get off St George Subway -- and walk from there.

    Respond to say if you can make it.
  2. pbw


    Mce, I got it down in my calender --but lets get some opinions and see what most prefer --monthly or every two months. If enough do not sign up for May 31st -- then we can move it to the end of June.

    Personally, I would favour meeting every two months for now --
  3. its my bro's B-Day! Cannot make it that day :D


    Please, I'm not a daytrader, I'm an "Intraday Liquidity Provider" :p

  4. Luke_P


    I can't make it that day.
  5. mcelitetrader

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    Hey all....Ive had some decent responses so far. Keep may 31st date on the calendar.

    Anyone interested in chatting can log on at around 1pm to the elitetrader chatroom we can figure out some more things right there.
  6. I can go.
  7. mcelitetrader

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    Good one...keep the responses coming....this 31st meeting looks to be working out well.
  8. pbw


    I plan on atttending. Lets hope at least eight or so sign up.
  9. Babak


    Count me in.
  10. bonds


    ill be there
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