Toronto Traders Hook Up - June 28

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by torontoman, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. To all Toronto traders,

    I would like to get a feel of how many people can make it on June 28 at approximately 7:30pm downtown for a few drinks. The last hook up was my first time participating and it was interesting. Very experienced and not so experienced (me) attended.

    I would like an idea of how many of you can make it before we confirm?


  2. pbw


    Hi, I plan on attending.
  3. sanya


    My friend and I plan to come.

  4. Good. I will get back to you on the location.

  5. Keep me in the loop
  6. Jaime


    Please keep me in the loop as well
  7. I will keep everyone on this thread in the loop.
  8. bonds


    ill be there
  9. if im in town ill see if i can make it.
  10. mcelitetrader

    mcelitetrader ET Sponsor

    Sounds good...I can make it. Is it at the Bedford Academy ?
    #10     Jun 11, 2007