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  1. I need some help from all the traders in Ontario. I posted this in the Hook Up thread, but would like to leave it here for a while as well, thanks.

    A quick request to all Ontario traders, please. As many of you many know, we have been trying to get the Ontario Securities Commission to approve U.S. trading firms for years. We are setting up a meeting soon, and have a bunch of letters and emails asking for the Commission to consider the U.S. firms (and Bright in particular to begin with), so that Ontario traders have a choice, and options in pursuing their careers in trading.

    If anyone would like to help, simply send me an email to and say something like "I would like to explore trading with Bright" - nothing commital or anything, just a vague request.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. I would like to see more Prop firms in Canada, too. What about Vancouver or Calgary? :)
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    Bright is already in BC.
  4. Didn't know that. Thanks.
  5. Do we need a series 7 and can Canadians sign up for it?
    How hard is the exam?
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    YES, you need your S7. Don takes no amateures.

    It is a 6 hours exam. (you read it right -- SIX!)
    If you can breathe, you can pass it.
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    Okay it's not quite as simple as Tums suggested, but for any experienced trader a little bit of studying should be sufficient. I had to go to the U.S. to take it because I went through pearson testing centre, although from what i hear other firms offer the test in Canada.
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    I think there is a huge choice of prop firms in Ontario specially Toronto and don't really see a need for a 10 dollar per 1000 shares outfit.
  9. Well, since I have over 100 emails requesting the ability to join a Firm that alllows all types of equity trading, gives 100% payout, and has some of the most successful traders on the planet, I think you might have some disagreements from many.

    The "huge choice" that you speak of is actually quite limited according to my many Canadian traders, but I'm not trying to interrupt anyone else's trading firm, simply offer the same, very successful, alternative like we have in BC.

    Thanks to all those who sent emails, keep em' coming as they say.

    Don :cool:
  10. After contacting me via email or phone, anyone who wants to speak directly with our Canadian management, or individual traders, to discuss the S7 or any other aspect of Bright Trading, will be invited to do so.

    Don 702.739.1393 (I don't think the 800 number works from Canada).

    PS: Now with the Canadian dollar at parity with USD, what better time to get involved, eh? LOL.
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