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  1. the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts conference is being held on the 28th of June here in Toronto. This is the CSTA's premier event. please go to the site and read the promotional material, then sign-up early as seating is limited:

    for non-members of the Canadian Society of Technical Analysis, use discount code JRP1 for 15% discount. i know its going to be a good conference because i am the event coordinator :) check out the speakers and let me know what you think.

  2. Mark Douglas has some exceptional books, ... , don't know how good of a speaker he is.
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    Mark Douglas is a excellant speaker! I am going to Larry Pasevento's Trading symposium in Arizona in a week and I've read his book and saw a live tape a friend gave me of a speech he did last year, excellant speaker you WILL NOT be dissapointed in my opinion.

  4. I got Larry Harris to come to the conference too. he's an expert in market microstructure. wrote a book and currently working with the SEC. i saw an article on mentioning his name. it was about decimalization and minimum tick size. this is an area he studies. these are important topics for traders, and probably something we should discuss more.
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    Do you have to be a member of the CSTA to attend?
    (i didn't read the info link yet... hehe maybe i should)
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    I got the answer from the link.

    thanks for the info OverInv. I will be there
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  8. subscribing? ok, that's sounds good.

    this event is a bit of a networking session as well. up here in Ontario, there are not too many opportunities for a bunch of technicians and traders to meet and share ideas. as part of the event, we will be offering a formal structure to facilitate 'hooking-up' with like minded people.

  9. this is just a reminder that the sign-up for this conference ends tonight (actually, i think it goes until tommorow noon).

    if you are not a member of the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts, use discount code JRP1.

    visit and click the conference link for more info and sign-up.

    hope to see everyone there.....