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    Bedford academy worked well.

    Let's do that again this Thursday...The 21st of september at 7pm.

    Topics of interest.

    NYSEhybrid setup....bring some readings

    Current trading arrangements

    Chance to meet other traders in Toronto

    The first meeting had 5 people then the second meeting had ~15 people. This is a good turnout and a chance to exchange ideas.

    What do you all think?
  2. mcelitetrader

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    Thats getting too many pm's from people not able to make it out....i put this meeting on the tail of the last thread on last months meeting. Apparently not enough people saw it and the date is too close and it is hard for people to change their plans.

    The new setup will try for next thursday september 28 th at 7pm at bedford academy. Hope everyone can make it out. Respond to this to get an idea of how many people can come.
  3. Next week will be fine :cool:
  4. pbw


    Hi, I was out of town and just got back --- so meeting on 28th is fine for me -- thanks for organizing it-- Pbw.
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    I am just wondering if the title of the post which says-- Toronto Sept. 21st Hook up -- may cause some not to look in as the date has already been passed. Is it possible to change the title to Sept 28.?

    Btw, I would be glad to organise the next hookup. In November perhaps.