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  1. Looking for a firm that might be a better fit and has less system issues than my current place (right now we have execution or quote issues a couple of times a week and for the last month and a bit US equity trading has been down entirely...)


    No commission or clearing fees (beyond what's reasonable for clearing I guess.)

    Trading firm capital, firm's risk, with a profit share that's reasonable for this. So no deposits.

    Floor management must be experienced (and profitable) traders. Or, the floor should be established enough that Sr. traders are around to converse with.

    Mentoring programs would be a bonus.

    Given I'd prefer a setup where traders are only risking firm capital and not their own, I'd be fine with going through any proficiency or training program required... or if there's a graduated risk level or the like, that's all fine (I'm not worried about my performance in that respect.)

    The ability to trade remotely would be cool, but not required...

    No preference in platform, so long as it works well.

    Lastly, I'm in the Toronto area (downtown.) I dislike commuting between cities, so I'm looking for something here..

    Any suggestions?

    (EDIT: btw, I used the search feature first and found one other thread about prop firms in Toronto, but it was old enough that I felt a fresh look would be in order.)
  2. anyone?
  3. maul3d


    wow that sounds like fun.. id sign up just for the hell of it. let me know what you find... im in mississauga. :)
  4. LEAPup


    LOL!!! Good luck finding this with a deposit firm. In fact, good luck all the way around wanting what you're wanting. The prop model is a joke these days just like the retail brokered product sales model was broken over 10yrs ago...
  5. Don't see why this would be hard...

    Swift/Orbixa offers something nearly exactly like this.. I'm just looking for more options.
  6. prop is a joke, dream on........

    you may have to finally get a real job.


  7. is this a joke? lol
  8. err... no?
  9. LEAPup


    Again, I respectfully wish you the best of luck finding what you're asking for. (and not getting ripped off in the process...)
  10. Sooo... no one has any idea here?

    And most think this is laughable to desire?


    You can't be serious that Swift/Orbixa is my best bet here... not putting them down or anything (enough here already do) but their model isn't new and I assumed other firms would be like them.

    (ie, no capital contribution, firm takes on the risk, but lower pay out to compensate firm, firm takes on developing you as a trader without cost since they see return from your profits)
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